How to Build and Improve Your Credit

Your credit impacts more than your ability to borrow money. It can impact your ability to get services and even employment.

That being said, do you know how your credit score is measured and the different credit scores that you have?

What about the specific actions you should be taking to build, improve and maintain good credit?

A good credit score makes it easier to get credit, qualify for some types of employment and can also save you thousands of dollars over the course of your life. The good news is that building solid credit is not difficult, as long as you understand the fundamentals of building credit and managing it responsibly.

Building credit can take time because lenders and insurers want to make sure you can sustain your good credit behavior over the long run. And so in this course, we break down what you need to know about how credit works and exactly what you need to do to build and improve your credit.

What you’ll learn:

  • The cost savings of good credit and how credit references work.
  • The best financial accounts to leverage to build good credit.
  • The different credit scores and how credit scoring works.
  • An overview of credit-based insurance scores and why they matter.
  • A step by step guide to build and improve your credit.
  • Key habits for credit success.

What's included with your course:

  • Bite-sized explainer videos & live coaching call replay
  • Applicable infographics & checklist

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This course is sponsored by Self Inc which helps people establish or rebuild their credit by offering a credit-builder account that makes it easy, safe and affordable to build credit.

We link to their website via affiliate links. If you choose to sign up for their service, we get paid a small referral fee which helps us grow Clever Girl Finance! We only share products/services we've tried, trust and love.

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