Budgeting, Banking, Financing & Investing: Tools & Resources

We've done the homework and here are best banking, financing and investing resources!

As part of our mission to empower you to succeed with your finances, we review and are share the best financial products and services that are in the best interest of consumers! In other words, these resources are Clever Girl Finance approved!

In this section, We are sharing our favorite banking, financing and investment resources, as well as financial tools that you can use as you get organized and create your financial plans.

What does Clever Girl Finance Approved mean?

As part of our mission to empower you to succeed with your finances, we will only share financial tools and resources that are in the best interest of members. This means:

  • No gimmicks
  • No outrageous fees
  • No unethical products
  • Great reviews and,
  • Great customer service

While we have no affiliation to these companies, some of them might give Clever Girl Finance compensation for referring their tools and resources.

That being said, we only recommend products we have vetted, used and trust; And most importantly are in the best interest of our members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these resources really free to access?
Yup, they are 100% free to access!
Are there affiliate links?
Some of the products and services we review are linked via affiliate links. If you choose to sign up for a product or service we've reviewed, we may get paid a small referral fee which helps us grow Clever Girl Finance!
What if I live outside the US?
We currently have a small international resource section that we hope to build out over time.

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