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Join us for our community personal finance coaching calls where we discuss various money topics. Plus get your pressing money questions answered!

This video call section includes over 30 hours of prior months replay videos on a wide variety of money topics.

Our live calls are a great opportunity to engage with other Clever Girls real-time over video, participate in a specific finance topic discussion, get your money questions answered and learn key strategies to improving your finances!

From budgeting, paying off debt and student loans to investing, home ownership, career and business, we've got you covered.

  • Notifications for the upcoming live coaching calls are sent via email a few days in advance of every live call.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I enroll? I'm ready to sign-up!
You can enroll at any time. It's free!
What if I live outside the US?
There are currently women on our platform from different parts of the world including Canada, the UK, Australia, Nigeria, Switzerland, South Africa, Spain & France. While the content of our courses is applicable to everyone, some content refers specifically to tools and options available in the US which you can easily research if you are outside the US, however, if you have specific questions you can ask them in the community.

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