Need some help creating a budget that works?

We got you! 

There aren’t many words that strike fear more than the B-word.

That’s right—Budget.

You might hear "budgeting course" and immediately think of things like mortgage payments and cash flow charts. But who says budgeting has to be a chore? 

This is one of the best online budgeting classes you can possibly take! The course focuses on making your current budget better and easier to stick to. It's all completely free, and all you need is an internet connection!

When it comes to personal finance courses, budgeting is foundational, and it's not as tough as you'd think! See the benefits here.

How can budgeting help you?

You might think that budgets are just no fun, but what if we told you budgeting could be awesome? It allows you to divide your money into categories and pay for things you need, like rent, utilities, groceries, and miscellaneous expenses. 

But beyond that, budgets can help you reach your financial goals - even huge ones like paying off a mortgage and achieving financial independence. And thanks to our totally free budgeting course, it's never been easier to make a budget that works for you!

Taking a budgeting course online also has the added benefit of time. You can take part in the class any time you want, whenever you're available!

And best of all, when you take our online budgeting course, you'll be part of a community. Hear from others who are working to make better budgets, just like you!

What you’ll learn:

This online budget course helps you find what works for you as you embark on your financial planning journey. Different types of budgets are discussed, as well as tips for success. By the end of the budgeting course, you'll know exactly how to organize your finances!

What's included with your course:

There are several components to the budgeting course that you'll notice. Here's more about the course description, so you know exactly what you'll learn.

Bite-sized explainer videos & live coaching call replay

Hear from your instructors about budgeting methods, and listen as they discuss managing your money and ideas to help you when budgeting is tricky. And the videos from our online budgeting classes are short, so you can watch them whenever you have a few minutes.

Applicable infographics & worksheets

If you're a visual learner, our infographics will help you remember all the fantastic knowledge you're getting about finance. 

In addition, you'll also be presented with awesome worksheets along the way that help you celebrate what you've accomplished and hack your way to an amazing budget. Our budgeting for beginners worksheets make all the difference!

And as you work through the videos, you'll also notice progress questions to help you check in with yourself and be honest about your finances. 

Access to the Clever Girl Finance community, book club, and approved resources

Join this Clever Girl Finance budgeting course and find out how to manage your money! It's free and easy to join.

When you decide to take a budgeting course online and take charge of your money, you aren't alone! Join others like you who've decided to make budgeting a priority. Be part of the book club and community and be encouraged by other Clever Girl Finance readers. 

Stay accountable!

Get your best girls to do this free budgeting course with you! Just send them this link to sign up for free too!