Ready to start investing for the future?

Investing can seem complicated and time-consuming. But with the right education, investing for your future can be quicker and simpler than you ever thought possible!

With this course bundle you can answer all your questions, such as:

  • Do you understand how investing in the stock market works? Are you familiar with terms like mutual funds, ETFs (exchange-traded funds), diversification, and individual stocks?

  • Are you confident about what you know? 

  • Do you have a long-term investing plan in place to help you build wealth and achieve the life you truly desire?

  • How do you know you're choosing the best investments when you start investing in your future?

Investing is how the wealthy build real wealth. It essentially puts your money to work for you, lets you reap the returns, and in turn, helps you accomplish your financial goals.

However, in order to start investing for your future successfully, you need a solid plan along with clear objectives and strategies to reach your long-term financial goals.

You also need to understand how investing works so you can make informed decisions.

What if investing for the future is new to you?

So if you've never invested before and only saved money in a high-yield savings account, that's okay - it's a great time to learn! And you aren't alone - more than half of Americans don't invest their money.

With this high-quality information, you’ll learn why investing matters and what you need to do to map out your financial goals and reach them by leveraging the power of investing.

And it doesn't matter if you've never heard of capital gains or hedge funds. You'll learn all the basics for investing here!

No matter when you find this course, whether it's January and you're ready for something new, or it's mid-year in June, it's still a great time to join.

And whether you're in your 20s and just starting to learn about money or you're in your 40s, you can still create a great financial future.

This is a 7-course bundle for investing in your future which includes the following courses:

The bundle contains 7 different courses, each focusing on a different aspect of investing for the future. Here are the topics you'll learn about:

1. Create a plan for your future self through investing
2. Core investing concepts
3. Preparing to invest & researching your investments
4. Stock market investing
5. Investing for retirement
6. Monitoring & managing your investments
 7. The 3-fund investing strategy 

No longer feel lost about investing! Instead, learn about things like Roth IRAs, traditional IRAs, brokerage accounts, and more!

You'll walk away from this course with all the knowledge you need to start your financial journey.

Investing courses

What you’ll learn in this 7-course bundle:

There are some important financial lessons investors should know when they first begin investing. Gain some expertise and be better prepared with these courses that help you start investing for your future:

(Course 1) Create a plan for your future self by investing 

  • How to create a financial plan for your long-term goals
  • Strategies you should have in place to ensure you are investing for the future to build wealth
  • The basics of IRAs and 401ks and at what point this money is tax-free (Pre-tax and post-tax contributions)

(Course 2) Core investing concepts 

  • The importance of investing
  • How inflation works and its effect on your investments
  • The magical power of compounding and how to take advantage of it
  • The doubling effect of the rule of 72
  • How the stock market works, including the DOW and the S&P 500

(Course 3) Preparing to invest & researching your investments 

  • Key factors to prepare to invest
  • The stock market & risk
  • What makes an investment risky and how to mitigate risk
  • How to research your investments
  • An overview of brokers, brokerages, and robo-advisors and how to select the right one

(Course 4) Stock market investing 

  • All about investment products like stocks, bonds, and funds
  • What the term "shareholders" means
  • Index funds as a part of your portfolio
  • What to know about bonds
  • Bond value calculator
  • Using bonds to hedge your portfolio against risk and extreme volatility
  • Investing vs. short term trading

(Course 5) Investing for retirement 

  • The avenues to save for retirement and how each one works, including pros and cons
  • Guidelines to follow when investing for the long-term

(Course 6) Monitoring & managing your investments

  • Calculating returns and how well your investments are doing
  • Keeping your investments on target and how to balance your portfolio
  • How the economy impacts your investments, including interest rates and market bubbles that can happen with alternative investments like real estate investments or cryptocurrency
  • Investing pitfalls that individual investors should avoid

(Course 7) Creating a 3-fund portfolio

  • What the 3-fund portfolio is, and how it works
  • Different ways to structure a 3-fund portfolio of your investing assets
  • Ideas to establish your own 3-fund portfolio, including index funds like REITs and stocks

What's included with your course bundle for investing in your future:

  • Bite-sized explainer videos & live coaching call replay
  • Applicable infographics & worksheets
  • Access to the Clever Girl Finance community, book club, and approved resources
  • The option to schedule free calls with a Clever Girl Finance mentor

There are plenty of ways to begin investing for the future these days, from CDs to the potentially higher returns of the stock market. And with all the new technology of robo advisors, it's easier than ever. 

But with this course bundle, you can feel confident and prepared to make the right decisions. You'll be well versed on things like asset allocation and know how to invest in the right things, in addition to knowing the necessary terms and information.

So get ready to start investing for the future!

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