Sick and tired of owing money?

It's time to create a debt reduction strategies plan to turn your finances around for good!

Is your budget just not working no matter what, or do you struggle to make ends meet and pay monthly bills? You're not alone - 14 million Americans have credit card debt beyond $10,000.

Debt can hold you back from your dreams and make financial goals difficult to reach.

It's time for debt reduction strategies that really make an impact and help you say goodbye to payments more quickly.

Why this debt reduction strategies course is for you

Creating solid debt payoff strategies can be a challenge. And you may have a medley of mortgage debt, a car loan or two, and student loan debt. 

Maybe you've considered credit counselors, selling assets like your home, or using your tax refund to pay off some of what you owe.

However, you're having trouble taking action or wondering if these ideas will work fast enough.

However, this course is designed to maximize your efforts using debt repayment spreadsheet options, calculators, videos, and more to get you the info you need!

We'll show you how to create a solid repayment plan...that works.

You'll find the motivation to kick your debt management plan into gear.

You got this!

What you'll learn from the debt repayment strategies course:

Clever Girl Finance's totally free course features debt repayment worksheets, questions to help you learn about debt payoff strategies, and much more. Here are the details you'll receive to help you with debt reduction strategies.

How interest works

Find out how interest really works when you only pay a minimum monthly payment. The knowledge here will help you to find out how much you're truly spending.

How debt consolidation works

With this course, you'll find multiple debt repayment strategies. Discover how debt consolidation works and the different ways to do it. Find out more about debt consolidation loan options, how credit cards can help you, and other ideas. 

What it means to file for bankruptcy

If you've gathered personal loans, an auto loan, and credit card debt over the years, you may feel like you're in over your head. But understanding the definition of bankruptcy and how it affects you can change your perspective and help you take control of your money.

How to deal with debt in collections

Get access to much-needed information about what to do with debt in collections. Learn about your credit report, debt repayment plans, and more.

Creating a debt reduction strategy

If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of money that needs to be paid back, you're in the right place. You'll learn about both the debt avalanche method (pay your highest-interest debt first) and the debt snowball method (pay your small debt first, then your next-smallest balance). 

You can choose what will be best for you depending on the type of debt you have. Use our debt prioritization worksheet to help!

Adjusting your mindset around your debt payoff

If you're ready for good credit scores, lower interest rates, and extra income, you need a plan to stop owing money forever.

Discover the mindset that will make a huge difference with debt reduction strategies, figure out how to lower credit card balances, and make more than minimum payments.

What's included with your course:

  • Bite-sized explainer videos & live coaching call replay
  • Applicable infographics & debt repayment plan worksheet options
  • Access to the Clever Girl Finance community, our book club, and approved resources

Not only will you get rid of the monthly expenses and fees you constantly pay, but you will find that you have so much extra money when debt is no longer part of the equation.

Our course will give you debt reduction strategies that can change your financial future!

Create your plan to pay off debt today!

The debt reduction strategies here can help you turn your financial life around fast. And it's completely free! Take action and get access to this course now.

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