A home is an expensive decision, but many people find it well worth it.

However, before you buy, this free homebuyer education course can help you with the basics.

Get practical advice about what to do and not do when purchasing a house.

Our homebuyer education course can help if you're ready to buy a house for the first time!

You've been dreaming of buying the perfect first home, and you need information.

It isn't as simple as just putting down a deposit and getting the keys.

The homebuyer class is all about how to get from searching for a house to actually affording one and understanding the process.

If you’re considering purchasing a house, this first-time home buyers course is going to become your guide.

Not only are we going to go over the basics of what you need to even qualify during the buying process, but we will also dive into key considerations to factor in that could save you literally thousands of dollars.

Even if you don't feel like you know anything about the buying process, this homebuyer education course will go over everything from the closing costs to other expenses like homeowner's insurance. 

All the basic questions first-time home buyers have will be answered here. Find out more of the specifics of what you'll learn!

What information you'll get in this homebuyer education class:

  • What you need to qualify for a mortgage
  • Getting pre-approved for a mortgage + key things to consider when applying for a mortgage
  • Types of mortgages
  • Key tips to save for your home down payment
  • Homeownership costs to plan for outside of your down payment
  • What to expect at closing

Pre-approval and mortgage process

Find out more about what's needed to make sure you're ready to buy a home, including your credit score, debt-to-income ratio, tax returns, and other things that make home buying possible. And learn about the pre-approval process and what's needed for that, such as your income.

In addition to this, you'll learn about fixed-rate mortgages vs. adjustable-rate mortgages. Plus discover the various types of loans including a conventional loan (and what this has to do with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac), an FHA loan (federal housing administration), VA loans from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, plus other options for home ownership.

Expenses and down payments

There are no doubt more costs associated with home buying than just mortgage payments and the purchase price!

There's also your home down payment. If you are able to put down a large down payment, you can even lower your monthly mortgage payment, so it's super important.

Next, you'll learn to consider other home costs, like property taxes, private mortgage insurance (PMI), and other things that affect how much you'll spend.

Closing on a home as a first-time buyer

There's a lot involved with the closing process for a home. Find out what you'll need to pay for, like a home inspection, the title search fee, the appraisal, and other costs. It can help you get a better estimate of your overall expenses.

In addition, this section of the course will inform you of what the actual day you close on your new home will be like. 

Extra information about the home-buying process

You get all of the above information for free, and we've included some bonus videos about subjects like whether or not you should use your 401k for your home purchase, and other helpful tips when you're new to purchasing a house.

What else is included with your first time home buyers course:

  • Bite-sized explainer videos
  • Applicable infographics & worksheets
  • Access to the Clever Girl Finance community, book club and approved resources

What you should know to excel in this homebuyer class

As you can see, there's a lot to the home buying process beyond just paying inspectors and hiring real estate agents. There are many costs and things to be aware of. 

However, being a home owner is a huge accomplishment! Here's how you can make sure you get as much from this homebuyer education class as possible.

Review the information more than once

You can finish the homebuyer education course in a couple of days.

However, there is quite a bit of information packed into it, and your best bet is to review.

Instead of hoping to remember everything the first time, go through the homebuyer class slowly, and multiple times if needed. 

That way you can apply what you've learned to your own experience and you're more likely to remember.

If you're purchasing a home with someone, take the class together

If you are purchasing your house with someone else, such as a spouse, be sure to include them in the learning process.

That way you can be on the same page and get answers to your questions at the same time.

When you're ready to research mortgage lenders or find out about interest rates, you'll both feel confident about what you know.

Be sure your finances are in good shape

Purchasing a house goes way beyond just buying at the seller's price, making a monthly payment, and occasional house repairs.

And this free homebuyer education class will help you to succeed with the home buying process. 

But it's equally important to check on your financial health and be sure that you have savings and other important things in place.

Doing this can help you be even more successful with buying your first house.

Our homebuyer education course gives you all the information you need to succeed with your home purchase!

The first time home buyers course will give you access to a wealth of information that sets you up to win.

Use what you learn to find and buy the house of your dreams!

Stay accountable!

Get your best girls to do this free homebuyers education course with you! Just send them this link to sign up for free too!


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