Recently engaged and planning a wedding on a budget? Congrats!

You are likely here because the last thing you want to do is start your marriage off with wedding debt, right? Keep reading!

You got that engagement ring and are ready to plan this exciting time in your life. But with the guest list, invitations, wedding cake, photographers, decorations, marriage license, and more, the costs can quickly become overwhelming. 

If you've looked around at wedding ceremony options and caterers and can't decide between cupcakes or a multi-tiered dessert creation for the wedding, you've probably noticed the price tags of everything.

That means it’s time to get to saving and planning, and this course is here to guide you and help you be financially savvy!

What you'll learn in this course on planning a wedding on a budget:

  • What wedding costs you need to consider.
  • How to set up and create a realistic wedding budget using our wedding budget spreadsheet.
  • How to save money on receptions, a wedding dress, vendors, and more.
  • Tips & tricks to keep your financial goals in mind while planning an amazing wedding.

Maximize your wedding budget

You're probably looking forward to picking out wedding stationery to thank people for wedding gifts. But weddings also cost money - there's no way around it.

Before maxing out your credit card, you'll discover how to save money on the things that cost the most and what the average wedding cost is. 

Learn to think about your wedding expenses in a smart way by asking the right questions of vendors and being creative with your wedding venue.

Also, consider ways to keep the fee down for food and DJs. 

Get access to our wedding budget spreadsheet and understand the expenses

This section of the course will cover how to start being more aware of your purchases to save up for your big day and how to use a wedding spreadsheet.

Know what to ask family members about costs and how to determine the amount of time needed to pay for your event. You'll then discover how to save and prepare for expenses you hadn't thought of.

In addition, use our wedding budget spreadsheet to start creating your own budget.

You can include all the categories you need to save for in your wedding spreadsheet, including your wedding planner, photography, wedding attire, caterer, wedding bands, honeymoon, wedding invites, and more.

Learn about saving on significant costs when planning a wedding on a budget

There are ways to save on many aspects of your wedding, but they aren't always obvious. This part of the class will show you how to stick to your budget with common expenses.

Discover ways to save some serious cash on that wedding dress, how avoiding Saturdays and Sundays for your wedding day can benefit you, and how your bouquet costs can be lower than you thought they'd be. 

You'll also find extra tips about how hosting a celebration at specific times of the day can be better for your wallet. Also included are ways to consider your venue location to save cash - from a backyard space to less traditional spots like museums, there are plenty of places where you can enjoy your big day for less.

In addition, find out how to DIY some things for your wedding to cut costs. Champagne, florals, discount cake decor, and more, are all flexible expenses that you can save cash on.

Plus, find out how to save with vendors by only paying for the time you really need.

What's included with your course:

  • Wedding spreadsheet budget template
  • Bite-sized explainer videos
  • Applicable infographics & worksheet

How to complete this course to plan an amazing wedding

Planning a wedding on a budget is time-consuming, and you still have responsibilities like work, friends, family obligations, and more.

Fortunately, this short course can be completed in just a day! You only need a few hours or so to dedicate specifically to the task.

Make learning fun

You're planning a wedding on a budget! It's time to celebrate! So grab your favorite drink, play some fun music, and have a great time learning how to save money for your big day.

Take this course as soon as possible

Instead of waiting until everything is planned and paid for, take the course early in your engagement, if possible. That way, you have time to apply all of the great advice you'll get.

However, even if you're already in the middle of planning a wedding on a budget, you can still learn plenty from this class. And it will help you to start your finances off on the right foot as you get married.

Discover how planning a wedding on a budget can be fun and easy!

Your wedding planning process can be a lot easier when you know the average cost of a wedding, how to save, and how to plan your budget effectively.

And this free course will give you all the tools you need to keep expenses under control.

So get ready to toast to you and your future spouse! As you consider bakeries and bridesmaids, remember that starting off your marriage without debt is one of the best rewards for planning your costs in advance.

You can tie the knot knowing that your finances are in a great place!

Stay accountable!

Get your best girls to do this free course on how to plan a fabulous wedding on a budget with you! Just send them this link to sign up for free too!


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