Monthly live coaching calls

This is a monthly subscription to our live monthly video calls which also includes over 30 hours of prior months replay videos on a wide variety of money topics.

Our live calls are a great opportunity to engage with other Clever Girls real-time over video, participate in a specific finance topic discussion, get your money questions answered and learn key strategies to improving your finances!

From budgeting, paying off debt and student loans to investing, home ownership, career and business, we've got you covered.

Notifications for the upcoming live monthly coaching calls are sent via email a few days in advance of every live call.

Individual or bundled course members: You will need to subscribe to this monthly call module to get access to our video calls. Once you subscribe, a subscription fee will be charged each month unless you cancel (Under your profile settings).

Annual subscribers: This is already included with your annual subscription. Login to your account to get access.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I enroll? I'm ready to sign-up!
You can enroll at any time!
How long do I have access to this course bundle?
For as long as you remain a subscribing member.
Do you offer refunds?
Due to the instant delivery of our content, we do not offer refunds on the monthly call module.